Rigid 10" ATV/Universal Head Light Kit
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Rigid 10" ATV/Universal Head Light Kit

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ATV LED Head Light Kit   These HOT new  10" E SEREIES LED light kit fits nearly all ATV's that have a DC voltage battery system. This kit also works on the non battery powered TRX450. This is the latest in lighting technology. The LED light is equivalent or brighter than HID lights in terms of brightness and color but it uses less power and there is no need for external balasts. It is also very durable and will stand up to the elements for years to come. The entire light is self contained and uses a simple two wire hook up. It includes a powdercoated bracket that will mount to narrow style (Yamaha) and wide style (Honda-Suzuki-Can-Am-Kawasaki) steering stems.

Features: -Beam Pattern provides superior visibility for slow speed and high speed riding. -Low power draw for use with OEM type electrical systems with no extra batteries or re-wound stators needed. -Bolts on in minutes -Simple 2 wire hook up -Can be wired to use OEM switch or a switch you provide -Compatable with nearly any ATV that uses a 2 bolt or 4 bolt (narrow and wide) style handle bar clamp mount system. -Durable sealed housing with no filaments to break or burn out -Rotates with handlebars so you can see where you want to go -Ultra long life (50,000 hours which would equal 96 years if you used it for 10 hours every weekend)

Draw: 2.95 Amps
Watts: 42.5
Lumens: 3950
Volts: 12v-24v