Polaris RZR-4 Rack and Pinion - Rackzilla®

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  • Item #: RZR-4 Rackzilla
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Why buy the Rackzilla? The stock rack and pinion just isnt up to par in comparison. Here is the stock vs. Rackzilla comparison:
21mm Rack shaft, cast aluminum mounting, .590 Diameter shank inner tie rods, cast aluminum housing, cast aluminum outer tie rods, recreational/light duty grade, bare finish.
24mm Rack shaft, 1/2" Steel Bracket mounting with 3/8" Steel Backing Plate, .625 Diameter shank inner tie rods/8000 lb. pull out, Welded thick wall steel tubing housing with dual steel guide bushings, Extreme duty steel sealed rod end outer tie rods, Automotive grade (not recreational/light duty), Powder Coated finish.
Need we say more?