Mount your GPS with Axia Alloys billet Garmin GPS cage mount!
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Axia Alloys Billet Garmin GPS Cage Mount

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  • Item #: Axia Garmin GPS Mount
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This Garmin GPS mount allows you to clamp your Garmin handheld GPS to your vehicles roll cage using the available OEM Garmin handlebar mounting hardware. (These kits can be purchased at a Garmin dealer as well as on e-bay, we do not sell these accessories) Some of these kits replace the battery compartment while others supply you with a cage that snaps around your GPS. (See attached pic) The problem with the kits is that they do not allow you to mount them to a bar that is larger than 1.125” in diameter. Our billet mount will allow you to mount this Garmin mounting kit on 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, or 2.0” tubing.

This GPS mount is just one of the many attachments that are available for the Axia Alloys modular roll cage clamping system. This innovative system allows you to purchase several different sizes of strap clamps depending on your roll cage tubing diameter, and apply these clamps to a variety of unique attachments. These strap clamps have an extremely low profile around the cage tubing for clearance under windshields, roofs, and other accessories, not to mention a custom look that is not available with other larger clamps. This mount is precision machined out of aircraft quality billet aluminum.