Tribal Whips Night stalker 4' or 6' led lighted whips
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Night Stalker LED Lighted Whip

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  • Item #: Tribals Night Stalker Whip
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·      The 6 ft Night Stalker Whip is the ultimate in lighted whips.


·      They can be seen for up to 2 miles away in the dark of night.


·      You'll definitely get noticed, and be seen by all.


·      This part number DOES include the whip mount.


·      This whip is designed to be used by 4 stroke ATV's, Buggy's, and RV / Trailer's.


·      Works on any vehicle that operate on 12 volt DC power.


·      Tribal Whips use the latest in LED technology, making them very efficient.


·      They connect directly in to your vehicles electrical system.