M21 LOK motosport alloys
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MSA M21 Beadlock Wheel

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The M21 Lok is beauty, function and performance all engineered to push your machine to the next level. Each M21 Lok wheel comes with all of the necessary parts to professionally lock any tire to your wheels to ensure a safe and quality ride. What makes this beadlock UTV wheel different from the rest is because of a couple unique MSA attributes. The finish we used on this wheel we are calling “gunmetal” which is actually a dart tinted clear-coat that is overlaid on top of the micro-machined wheel face adding depth, charcoal highlights and a completely new industry option. The Gunmetal finish is accented with gloss black automotive grade paint, only offered by MSA Wheels and currently only offered on the M21 Lok in this combination. - See more at: http://cocomponents.com/dealer/m21-lok-utv-wheels-beadlock/#sthash.POGWuu0b.dpuf